Exploring, exploiting of geothermal energy, building geothermal system

Geothermal utility works


Domestic hot water and heating system in Hódmezővásárhely

Domestic hot water system in Szeged, North Quarter 1/A



Domestic hot water system in Szeged, North Quarter 1/B –Makkosháza

Geothermal public utility system in Kistelek



Geothermal public utility system in Zalaegerszeg, Stage I.

Geothermal energy supply for Greenhouse Horticulture in Fülöpjakab



Implementation of geothermal cascade system in Mórahalom

Pilot project of renewable and alternative energy utilization in Mórahalom



Utilization of geothermal energy in Mezőberény

Complex utilization of thermal water in Törökszentmiklós



Utilization of geothermal energy in Barcs

Geothermal heat production system in Lakitelek

2013, 2017-2018

2018, 2020

Geothermal heating heat-utilization system in Gyirmót

Geothermal heating heat-utilization system in Balástya



Geothermal heating heat-utilization system in Nagyszénás

Geothermal heating heat-utilization system in Lenti


In Hódmezővásárhely, we reviewed the urban thermal system in the aspect of energetics. As a result of it we constructed the integrated geothermal public utility system which is currently unique in the country regarding in its technical solutions and volume. This system provides with energy and domestic hot water three housing complexes and the public institutions which consist of a well supplying heat energy, a reinjection well as the pair of the well, in addition two thermal wells supplying water in potable quality. These four thermal wells are connected by 7.6 km heat-isolated pipeline network in size of Ø100 and Ø150 mm.

In Kistelek, the service of the geothermal system consist of two parts. We mainly provide the heat supply for public institutions, a smaller area of use is supplying of thermal water for the Training Pool and the Aquapark. Grouping by heat supply: utilisation for heating, production of domestic hot water. Utilisation in Bath: serving water for the circulated and filtered pools, supply filled-and-drain pool. Thermal water reaches the points of use through more water treatment procedures after producted to surface. Main technological interventions: ventilation, degassing, pressure boost, removing of iron. The lenght of the pipeline network of the system is 4,2 km.

Typical of the Zalaegerszeg geothermal system is to ensure a wide vatierty of utilization due to its complexity. The production well is located in the yard of the Pózva Hospital, starting from here are linked the heat centers of the those buildings which were heated and supplyed with domestic hot water operated by gas till now. The next application is the utilization for baths which consists of two parts: heat- and water supply for AQUACITY and for the Thermal Baths. The continuously operating automatic system creates a regulated operation that ensures the high-efficiency utilization of geothermal energy. Since 2004, the constantly expanding customer base have been operating their internal mechanical systems with great satisfaction which means significant natural gas savings or a complete shutdown of the old, generally obsolete systems. Installed pipe line network: 6 km long, made of ø 200 heat isolated piping and related fittings. Supplied buildings (part of buildings): Hospital Central Building, Nursing Home I, Nursing Home II, Home for Disabled, Camping Site, AQUACITY Machine Room I-IV, children’s pool and experience pool in the Thermal Bath, indoor bath opened in 2007. Further possibilities could be a hotel construction as a supplement of the indoor bath and the AQUACITY, in case of execution it could use the thermal energy by applicaton unique solutions (for example: application of absorption cooling (cooling of building by using hot water). Our company has great experience in making studies in energetics.

Thermal wells;
Geothermal systems;
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