Water supply systems for companies, enterprises built on their own water source

Since 1992, we have designed, constructed and operated 15 independent communal and industrial water supply works. We are proud of the hot/cold waterworks built for PICK Szeged Ltd. with a daily capacity of 4,500 m3. The water producted from the own-designed and drilled 912 m deep thermal well directly connect to the hot water system of the factory, provided 42°C domestic hot water.
We consider this work is worth highlighting because the PICK Szeged Ltd. had to adapt to the EU regulations during the construction of the water work, therefore, our company also had to comply with the advanced European specifications. Similar requirements had to be met during designing, licensing and executing of independent waterworks for the food manufacturer Danone Ltd. and Rauch Ltd., and also for a manufacturer of industrial raw materials, Huntsman Ltd. Between the executed industrial water works, the above three were operated by our company within contract.

Construction, operation of water works


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