Design, construction and repair of deep-drilled water and thermal wells with performance quarantee

During our constructions we execute wells by using the most technically morden state-of-the-art structures and materials. The rotary drilling technology is complemented with a closed surface sludge system which beyond the environmental protection aspects, means significant layer protection advantages. The technical string of casing pipes are cemented above the storage level, and after enlarging the aquifer layers, the high-performance string of filters are installed. Our wells are worked over with Johnson filters and filled with gravel according to the need of age. These well constructions and drilling technologies result significant increase in water production and also in the life of the well due to the efficiency of the applied patents.
Our company is among the few well drilling enterprises in Hungary who is able to construct wells by using all drilling methods.

Beyond the construction of new wells, we also repair existing, over-aged wells with reduced water output (both hot and cold water wells). By using our self-developed AQUA-1000 well-repairing equipment and its additional tools we can do instrumental well-test, remove bottom sand and sludge deposition, filter washing, fractional (packer) production of filter surface, injection solutions and suspensions into the requested depth (chemical layer treatment, placement of cement plugs) and also hydrodynamic measurements. We carry out renovation of structurally defective wells with a filter replacement or insert filter, also undertake water output guarantee. Since 1989, our company has constructed a number of wells suitable for production cold and thermal water. We are able to drill any kind of wells started from the shallow depth observation well, through the cold water wells supplying water to cities and industrial plants, to the great depth thermal wells (above 2,000 m). For drilling execution we have drilling rigs with various drilling capacity and loadability, well-trained and experienced engineers, drillers and well drilling team-mates.

Our company is following continuously the changes of the construction industry in Hungary as well as the long-term trends and adjust its development strategy accordingly. Significant number of potential customers have appeared in the recent years, who in addition to the efficient, fast, highest quality implementation of their investments, pay special attention to the use of sustainable, environmentally friendly technologies during their investments Enviromental use must be organized during the construction in such a way that it causes the least enviromental load and stress. Seek after preventing enviromental pollution and excluding the damage of enviroment during the construction.

During our investments of asset development we pay special attention that the intervention into the geological medium to be fulfilled in such a way which causes the less change and enviromental load. The mud system of all our drilling rigs opertate in close system, it do not contaminate neither of the ground nor the shallow groundwater. Each of the newly purchased drilling rig and additional equipments have drive engine that complies with the EURO 6 emission standard. We use rescue tray under the fuel tanks to avoide oil dripping. The drilling mud used during well drilling contains bentonite and polymer (carboxymethyl cellulose). The first one is a natural material (clay), the latter decomposes in biological way within about 5-10 days, so the groundwater can not be contaminated. As the drilling is finished we restore the working area to the condition prior to the construction in accordance with the customer's requirements. Our newly bought drilling rigs have modern top drive which can be controlled better than the rig with traditional rotary table, in addition more homogeneous hole can be deepened with less noise. The requested working area of the rigs is less, the quantity of drilling tools and equpiments belong to the rigs are also less than the currently generaly applicated technologies, too, due to the design of the rig. Thanks to the developments carried out in recent years, our company has the most modern equipment park in Hungary.

Our modern drilling rigs


drilling rig
– mast height: 11,4 m
– mast load: 20 t
– drilling capacity: Ø 6” to 800 m


drilling rig
– mast height: 17,9 m
– mast load: 50 t
– drilling capacity: Ø 6” to 1600 m


drilling rig
– mast height: 18,2 m
– mast load: 65 t
– drilling capacity: Ø 6” to 1900 m

In addition to the above, we have the following drilling rigs:

Continental EMSCO 160S

 drilling rig
– mast height: 16 m
– mast load: 70 t
– drilling capacity:
   Ø 4 1/2” up to 2000 m
   Ø 2 7/8” up to 2500 m

Gefco 3000 CF

drilling rig
– mast height: 18,6 m
– mast load: 50 t
– drilling capacity:
   Ø 3 1/2” up to 1200 m


drilling rig
– mast height: 18,4 m
– mast load: 27 t
– drilling capacity:

   Ø 2 3/8” up to 600 m


 drilling rig
– mast height: 11,2 m
– mast load: 16 t
– drilling capacity:
   Ø 2 3/8” up to 400 m


well-repairing equipment


It is capable to clean wells up to 1000 m.

Water wells

Mineral water wells;
Improvement of potable water quality program, construction


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