Our company, the AQUAPLUS Well Drilling, Construction and Thermal Energy Ltd. was established on the 15th of September, 1989. Our activity covers the exploration and wide range usage of cold and thermal waters. All our employees have numerous years of professional experience in their fields of profession. Our senior executives have great experience in implementing projects.

The owners are Hungarian, natural persons. The site of the company is located in Sándorfalva less than 10 km far away from the city Szeged, Hungary. The total area is almost 3 hectares where can be fould2 the modern central office building with 500 m2 area, the fully cranable 850 m22assembly hall, as well as the nearly 1000 m22warehouse.

Main data

AQUAPLUS Well Drilling, Construction and Thermal Energy Ltd / AQUAPLUS Ltd.
6762 Sándorfalva, Sövényházi út 1.
Company registration nr.: 06-09-024841
VAT nr.: 10263806-2-06


Area of validity

Design, construction, maintenance, repair and utilisation of deep-drilled water well

Exploring and exploiting of geothermal energy, design in the field of profession, construction, maintenance, repair, utilisation, heat supply

Structural architecture and civil engineering, improvement of potable water quality of water utilities, water supply, design and construction of hydraulic engineering, maintenance, repair, utilisation and operation of facilities and systems.

By operating these three management systems, an integrated management system was developed covered all the fields of our activities, which ensure the compliance with customers’ and clients’ strict expectations. megfelelést.


The AQUAPLUS was 25 years old in 2014.

Learn about our history from the garden norton wells to construction of thermal spas and hotel complexes. Download the book „AQUAPLUS sztori” and view the photoes about the anniversary celebration.

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Data protection

Our company does not manage personal data during the operation of the website.

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6762 Sándorfalva, Sövényházi út 1.