Water supply, sewage disposal and sewage treatment of settlements ÉS SZENNYVÍZ-TISZTÍTÁS

The AQUAPLUS Ltd. ensured public utility water and sewerage sevices between 1992 and 2012., almost in the entire territory of Hungary.
Through the well-trained expert team and a stable revenue, AQUAPLUS Ltd. has achieved significant results even within the field of community potable water supply, wastewater drainage and treatment. In this peroid we provided almost 100 000 people with healthy potable water continuously nearly in 25 settlements.
The annual volume of the sold water quantity exceeded 1 600 000 m3 at the municipal waterwors managed by AQUAPLUS, our sales revenue from this activity reached 500 million HUF in the peak period. 
Our company operated and managed utility assets in worth more than 2 billion HUF. The concerned municipality assigned our company to operate the Zalaszentgrót Regional Waterworks from January, 2000. We won the tender for the operation so it has been carried out by AQUAZALA Ltd. Zalaszentgrót from 2001. (The main charasterictic of the operation: 40 settlements, 30 000 people, 825 000 m3, revenue 325 million HUF).
During our operation period we paid great attention to the operational optimization and modernization of the systems. A careful survey preceded the setting our tasks in all cases, later a development plan was prerared based on it. According to, the development and modernization works became very well planned and feasible. 
In addition to the professional field of waterworks operation, as a special task we renewed the control engineering system almost of all water and sewage works operated by us.
During the reconstruction an up-to date process control computer (PLC) was installed which is able to display and storage current operating conditions
and longer data series, provided significant help in the field of optimization. We would especially like to highlight the design of the control system and dispatch center of the Zalaszentgrót wastewater and treatment plant,
which today is one of the most modern water service-related control systems in Hungary. Due to the tightening of legal regulations on the ownership of companies operating water utilities, we have continuously and systematically reduced our public service activities. We supported the local governments during the selection of new operators and we cooperated during the smooth execution of the handovers.
We have 20 years of experience in the field of public water and sewer services.

Construction, operation of water works


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